The incredible story of The Bulldroids!

Chapter 1 : Do Bulldroids dream of cybernetic chip?

Earth was definitely not in a good place. Everywhere, leading scientists in their field were trying to think of ways to save the planet from self-destruction.

Instead of joining the noble fight to save the world, though, some of the world’s “best and brightest” scientists were holed up deep underground in a high tech laboratory having a blast experimenting to create the most absurd invention they could: bulldogs with cybernetic powers!

Eventually, they succeeded and created three prototypes : one that could fart atomic gases, one that released nasty powerful burps, and one that could make the walls shake with its daytime snoring. They named them Fartoid, Burpoid and Snoroid.

These 3 Original Bulldroids, developing higher intelligence from the crazed scientists’ experiments, soon understood that they were the butt of some sick joke. They also understood that revenge is a dish best served cold…in a dog bowl…preferably with some peanut butter.. So they continued to act as expected, like good little doggies, however, with the first opportunity they got, they turned against their cruel creators, and escaped. By this time, earth’s atmosphere had reached critical temperatures and the planet was starting to literally boil. So after a quick vote, the 3 OBs decided to take off and explore the cosmos.

Chapter 2 : Bulldrostellar

While they were traveling through space, the original three Bulldroids started feeling kind of… lonely. So let’s just say that they kept each other warm at night – and it’s always night in space.

It still remains unclear how this miracle happened,but the three original bulldroids managed to create a huge litter..

Generation after generation of Bulldroids emerged on the spaceship, and it became so packed that no one could see what was coming ahead. A massive asteroid shower!… The impact with the space storm was ferocious, but as luck would have it, the storm had thrust the overpopulated ship into the atmosphere of a mysterious undiscovered planet.

Chapter 3 : Planet of the Doggos

Once they landed on that planet, the 3 original Bulldroids felt like they had reached the promised land. On this new world, they could thrust off the yoke of their silly conception and freely develop their species, hopefully building a peaceful and productive society.

Or so they thought : the discovery of K9 changed everything. It was not just that mystical glow that emanated from it.

Chapter 4 : The Snooze, the Fart and the Burpy

There was something more, something mesmerizing about this rock, as if they could foresee a brighter future because of the K-9’s potential :

-The Burpoid instantly thought that it would make a solid building material.

-The Fartoid saw in it an energy that could fuel engines & motors to explore the planet.

-The Snoroid…well, he took a piece of it, crushed it into pieces, and smoked it, going into a deep trance while staring at the glowing K9. There was something sacred about these beautiful jewels, that should be protected from greed.

Each type of bulldroid eventually realized their plans for K-9 could never harmoniously exist with the goals of the others.. Unable to settle their differences, the three bulldroid tribes split, each creating their own village and culture. But this split did not lead to peace on the new planet. Fighting for control of K-9 raged stronger than ever and did so for a hundred years.

Chapter 5 : Bone New World

A century later, the three original villages evolved into a hugecity, divided into 3 neighborhoods.

Although the three factions fight each other mercilessly, the leaders of each tribe designated rules of combat that stopped the bulldroids from destroying this planet as humans did to earth.

It was decided that all the fights would have to happen in specific combat arenas and every month the biggest K-9 earner across all the communities would become the Bulldroid King.