Of all the dog breeds that exist, bulldogs are probably one of the most tragic and fascinating…

Their exact evolution is unclear. Historically, they are first mentioned in 1632, but they could be even older!

The breed was created quite gruesomely They were bred to bait tethered bulls and fight other dogs.

To create bulldogs, breeders selected specimens that were genetically deficient and super aggressive. They favored dogs with stocky bodies that could stay grounded when facing bulls and a short snout which enabled the dogs to breath while biting the bull’s nose. Once the sport of “bull baiting” was prohibited in 1835, bulldogs almost went extinct! Losing much of their aggression, bulldogs nowadays are some of the most loyal and independent breeds. You might even catch them chillaxing on a skateboard or surfboard! .
Hence we started thinking: Of all the dog races, bulldogs would probably be one of the LEAST likely to be upgraded with cybernetic powers.. » And this is how the Bulldroids were born.
Later on, we started to imagine what would happen to these Bulldogsafter getting upgraded. Obviously, they wouldn’t want to linger on a dying Earth, so it became obvious to us that they’d become space travellers. But like all pioneers, our Bulldroids would have to stop at some point at a promised land. And, again like most pioneers, they would eventually disagree and split into factions. That’s when we thought of dividing the Bulldroids into 3 factions, based on 3 real-life traits of bulldogs. Anyone familiar with this breed knows that, due to a condition called brachycephaly (developed through years of predatory breeding practices), bulldogs tend to snore, fart, burp, and even drool more than other dog breeds.
We thought it would be fun to divide the Bulldroids into different groups based on these traits and dispositions, each developing their own mentality and philosophy. These discussions about dog breeds and history soon led us to another passion we all have in common: retrogaming. We all grew up in the nineties and share the same nostalgia for 16-bit games from our childhood like The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, and Street Fighter . Our love of these games influenced both the aesthetic of the bulldroids and our desire to implement a gaming system that would be as simple and as fun as those from our childhood. We decided to recreate the same type of ambiance from our Super Nintendo games, with a fighting system inspired by another beloved game from our childhood: rock, paper, scissors. AND THAT’S BASICALLY HOW THE CHILLEST, FUNNIEST, AND MOST LAID BACK NFT PROJECT WAS BORN !